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The Men's Health & Testosterone Clinic Course


Monday, September 13, 2021 at 6:00pm ET - Saturday, October 1, 2022 at 9:00pm ET
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Posted by The Elite Nurse Practitioner


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This is an online, on demand course that you can view on your time, anytime!

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Men's health and testosterone replacement is a hot service line and practice area for the aspiring nurse practitioner entrepreneur for one main reason: high revenue potential and low expenses!

It is also a very straightforward and low liability service to learn and implement.

This course was designed to teach the nurse practitioner who has ZERO experience with men’s health create and operate a successful high revenue side practice specializing in men's health services and testosterone replacement therapy.

This course covers a wide variety of topics to help the aspiring nurse practitioner entrepreneur confidently practice men's health medicine and open a successful practice. Topics include:

  • Why men’s health is such an awesome niche side practice.
  • The pathophysiology of hypogonadism.
  • How to diagnose primary, secondary, and adult onset hypogonadism.
  • Signs and symptoms of hypogonadism.
  • How to interpret men’s health specific laboratory findings.
  • How to safely prescribe and manage testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).
  • The use of adjunct medications with TRT.
  • The risks and benefits of treatment.
  • How to address common adverse events.
  • Medicolegal issues with TRT.
  • How to enhance the health of aging men.
  • How to treat and diagnose erectile dysfunction.
  • How to provide growth hormone optimization.
  • How to create a low overhead CASH ONLY men’s health clinic.
  • How to market your men’s health clinic.
  • How to utilize the provided consent forms.
  • How to create bulletproof documentation to CYA!
  • How to price your services and products.
  • Where to purchase supplies and medications.
  • How to be a successful Elite Nurse Practitioner!

This course is offered through video format with almost 4 hours of content where I go over all the aspects you need to know on how to practice and create a men's health and testosterone clinic.

You will also receive all the documentation you need to open a practice! This includes consent forms, intake forms, privacy policies, and much more.

This course provides you everything you need to start your own men's health and testosterone clinic! The only thing I cannot give you is the courage to do it!

If you utilize the information in this course, you can have a clinic up and running in just 2-3 months! I guarantee it.

Men's health and testosterone replacement is a very profitable side business that can result in tens of thousands of dollars a month in side income with little work! Consider this niche service line if you are looking for a lucrative side business.

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