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Vivian Derr

Vivian Derr

Fountain Valley, CA




Professional Achievements:
I have been a PNP since 1972 I graduated from a 3 year diploma school of nursing in Scranton,Pennsylvania I recieved my PNP from the University of Pennsylvania. I am a lactation educator and completed my certification at UCLA. I have worked in a university teaching hospital, an American Indian Health Center, private practice, on a mobile health van, in a county hospital and finally at Childrens Hospital of Orange County. I have worked on both the east and west coasts and in Florida. I have been a staff nurse, a head nurse, a supervisor, a nurse manager and finally a clinical liaison. The most gratifying moments of my nursing career have been as a PNP. I retired twice but continue to work as a consultant.
Favorite Thing About My Profession:
Extreme satisfaction
Honesty, attitude and gratefulness

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