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National Group

Welcome to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners eNP Network group site. This site serves as a flexible and convenient way for us to extend our reach further into the nurse practitioner...

Florida State Group

The Florida Nurse Practitioner Network - FNPN is a network of Nurse Practitioners across all specialties and settings in this wonderful state that has the second-highest population of NPs in the United States.

Indiana State Group

The Indiana Chapter of NAPNAP serves the geographic area of the state of Indiana. We believe that the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner plays a vital role in the healthcare community, and as such, can definitely impact children's healthcare.

Arizona State Group

To promote high standards of health care for older adults through Advanced Gerontological Nursing Practice, Education, and Networking.

Arkansas State Group

The Arkansas Nurse Practitioner Association (ANPA) Mission is to unite, support, educate, and enhance the professional identity of Nurse Practitioners in Arkansas, while promoting and advocating...

Iowa State Group

The Iowa Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (Iowa NAPNAP) is a professional organization for advanced pediatric nurse practitioners who advocate for and deliver expert health care to children and families. Iowa NAPNAP promotes the role of the advanced practice nurse through leadership, legislative activities, and continuing education.

Indiana State Group

CAPNI's mission is to promote, advance, support and advocate for APRN practice in Indiana. This includes the roles of a certified nurse midwife, clinical nurse specialist and nurse practitioner.

Florida State Group

Welcome to the new homepage for the Florida Chapter of NAPNAP. We hope that you will find this site a great resource in your career.

Maryland State Group

The mission of MAAPC is to promote the advancement of all advanced practice clinicians and is the only Maryland association that welcomes as members all APNs (NP, CNM, CNS and CRNA) and PAs.