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Emily Allard

Emily Allard

West Palm Beach, FL




Professional Achievements:
AWARDS • Awarded the Future Star award at the annual AACN banquet, May 2008 RESEARCH ARTICLES Newlin, K., Melkus, G. D., Amend-Vorderstrasse, A., Allard, E., Chyun, D. (in press). Coping as a mediator in the relationships of religiosity and spirituality to mental health in black women with type 2 diabetes. Allard, E., & Williams, D. (2008). Perceptions of individuals with communication disorders. Journal of Communication Disorders, 41, 108-123
Favorite Thing About My Profession:
Educating patients on disease prevention, management of their existing conditions, and medications. I feel that communication and involving the patient heavily in their plan of care is key to their motivation, implementation, and ultimately a more success
Conscientious, compassionate, caring, honest, enthusiasm, dependable, diligence, flexibility, generosity, patience, openness, confidence, humility, and trustworthiness.