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Patricia Abbott

Patricia Abbott

Lakewood, CO



Clinical Subspecialties



Professional Achievements:
Co-Chair elect GAPP committee CNA Developed role for APRNs in a private organization to deliver care via phone and webcam Completed PhD. Dissertation- original research on the Use of Nurse Practitioners to improve access to care. Co-facilitator of nurse practitioner practice council at UWMC for 9 years where we advocated for the use of APRNs in the medical center. Developed model in the emergency department at UWMC where NPs saw non emergent patients. In the 17 years I was the lead NP in the ED, role of APRNs increased significantly. Over 20 years experience as adjunct faculty for NPs and recently DNPs and health administration
Favorite Thing About My Profession:
My favorite thing about being a APRN is that with every patient encounter, I have the potential to make a positive difference in that patient's health, currently and in the future.
An effective patient advocate and health educator of students and patients. Genuine provider who strives to maximize every encounter with patients and students at all levels of education. Effective advocate for the nursing profession and in particular maximizing the potential of APRNs to improve access to care.