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Yecena Castaneda

Yecena Castaneda

Boynton Beach, FL


Family, Women's Health


Professional Achievements:
First of all, I started out as a midwife in Peru. Then when I came to the US, I graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. In the meantime, I worked with an OB/GYN doctor for about 14 years. Currently, I am continuing my nursing education to become an advanced nurse practitioner.
Favorite Thing About My Profession:
I believe that nursing is an excellent profession providing a broad range of opportunities so that I can continue evolving in my career. It also allows me to take care of my patients in a holistic manner including the disease process and its prevention.
Positive attitude, Problem solving, kind, honest, hard working, caring, compassionate, team player and easy going.

Work History

Harish Madhav MD MPH, FACOG in Boynton beach Fl
APRN — August, 2019 to present
Jose Castaneda OB/GYN in Boynton beach
APRN — November, 2017 to present

Education History

Nova Southeastern University
January, 2015 to August, 2017 (Expected graduation)


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