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The National Nurse Practitioner Directory

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Patients use ENP Network daily to search for nurse practitioner care providers. Get listed and let us help send new patients to your office!

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List your practice's details in just a few minutes and easily manage and update your listing at any time.

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Our platform promotes secure communication without exposing sensitive contact information.

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Leverage the largest and fastest growing nurse practitioner directory on the internet.


Get Listed in The National Nurse Practitioner Directory

Reasons to Get Listed $9 Monthly $95 Yearly
Increase your referrals
ENP Network consists of over 300,000 active nurse practitioners. Getting listed allows fellow colleagues a simple way to refer new patients to you!
Increase your exposure
Each listing incorporates state of the art technology and SEO to get your practice listed on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Your employer will love you for it
95% of employers we surveyed said that they not only would pay or reimburse for this service, but would like to see all of their care providers more actively helping to market their practice.
It's a great value
The average referral of a single patient results in a 100% return on your investment!
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Good Value
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